Ideal Solution Secondary Double Glazing

The recent trend of installing secondary double glazing is growing in popularity due to considerations like the current world economy forcing many people to review their finances. While accepting the need to insulate and prevent energy loss by applying an energy efficient product to the home it is sometimes preferable to sidestep the complete double glazing window replacement and opt for secondary double glazing. Trade Window Services deliver professionally designed and fitted secondary double glazing units to the highest standards. Statistics show that the implementation of this measure within the home can significantly reduce household bills by conserving energy. Savings can be made of around £60 per year so secondary double glazing wont cost the earth in more ways than one.

The dilemma for many households especially if the building is listed as protected is the question of cold and damp leading the deterioration of the structure or contents. Some local authorities while realising the excellent advantages of good quality replacement double glazing are reluctant to sanction alterations on older or period properties due to the visual impact of a modern product. In this case secondary double glazing from Trade Window Services is a perfect solution retaining the historical look and feel of the dwelling while providing insulation. Cold and damp could lead to content degeneration and health conditions of occupants in addition to damaging the building.