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High Quality Verandas, Sunrooms, Canopies & Smoking Shelters from TWS Verandas


Early spring is a strange and frustrating time of year, with small glimpses of the impending warmer season like bulbs pushing their way out of the ground, and buds forming on the trees and bushes. Yet it is simply still a little too chilly to venture out into the garden, even though the sun may be shining brightly and the birds singing [or coughing!]. Gardening is difficult in jumpers, gillets, weatherproofs, hats scarfs and gloves, leaving people no option but to gaze longingly from their windows, and hope summer isnt too long arriving.

There is however a way of feeling at one with nature whilst staying relatively comfortable and protected from the elements. A veranda allows us to experience the pleasure of our gardens in full, meaning the sights such as plants beginning to bloom, sounds, like bird song or buzzing insects and smells, like the fragrance of early flowers. You are not closed in and cut off from the garden, but you are equally not exposed to inclement weather and can pop indoors when the need arises.

A different take on this is a sunroom, which offers the prospect of increased exposure to the sun and daylight, with more of an indoor feel. A sunroom makes an attractive and useful addition to the home while adding value and style. They are extremely versatile and can be used as offices, playrooms, sitting or dining areas, exercise rooms and plant growing areas. There is no limit to the variety of uses which can be applied to a sunroom from relaxation to active fun, the choice is yours.

A sunroom provides many of the benefits of a conservatory, yet causes less disruption during installation.

Verandas and sunrooms are ideal for the UK climate, allowing a feeling of connection with nature and the outdoors, in comfortable surroundings. TWS Verandas are specialists in the the supply and fitting of quality double glazing products such as, verandas and sunrooms, canopies and smoking shelters. Whichever style you desire be it traditional or contemporary, TWS Verandas can help, offering a unique and friendly customer focused service. Using renowned names like Ultraframe, when sourcing their competitively priced  double glazing systems and components, TWS Verandas tick all the boxes every time. Call for information on 01702 557137

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