Enjoy Alfresco Living with a TWS Veranda, Glazed Canopy or Sunroom

Customers of TWS Verandas are now enjoying the full benefits of ‘alfresco’ outdoor living, from the comfort of their glazed canopies and sunrooms. These canopies and sunrooms are popular choices for pubs, cafes, nursing homes and care homes, as well as being significant home enhancers.

Smoking Shelters

The smoking ban stimulated the development of partially glazed areas where people could enjoy the pleasure of the outdoors, protected from drizzle or a chilling breeze. TWS have a range of glazed structures designed specifically for use as smoking shelters.

Since the introduction of the smoking ban,  many non smokers are now also enjoy a meal or a drink in a protected outside area, whether at home or pub, cafe, bistro, club or restaurant.

Glazed Canopies & Sunrooms

TWS Veranda customers can choose from a wide selection of shelters, offering various degrees of weather protection. This can vary from a polycarbonate roof canopy, to a canopy with glazed sides, through to a fully enclosed sunroom.

Early sunrooms and even canopies would often suffer from heat build up in hot weather and also sun glare.

TWS Canopies & Shelters – No Hot Spots or Solar Glare

TWS Canopies use a high quality polycarbonate roofing system with advanced solar heat reflecting technology, significantly reducing solar heat and also glare.

The TWS canopy systems are inexpensive and quick and easy to install. TWS can provide your canopy on a supply only basis or fully installed by our expert fitters.

Aluminium Structures – Strong, Durable & Maintenance Free

Our canopy and shelter systems are designed using aluminium systems, so they are strong and maintenance free. We can design a system for any outdoor area, please call us on 01702 557137 to arrange a site visit and quotation.