Bi-Fold / Multi-Fold Doors Perfect Choice for Domestic or Commercial Settings

Not many additions to your home can deliver the same eye-catching impact as Multi or Bi-Fold doors which are as functional as they are attractive. When considering Bi-fold or multi-fold doors it is difficult to ignore the advantages such as the fact that they open up a wall to 90%. They can be quickly transformed from an aesthetically pleasing focal point to almost unnoticeable with one smooth gliding action. Impenetrable against the elements the large glazed area can be internally glazed with multi locking systems, state of the art security features and polyamide thermal breaks for excellent insulation. Bi-fold doors also known as Sliding Folding doors create a stunning contemporary look and can be designed with styles and colours to perfectly compliment the surrounding décor. Multi-Fold type doors are becoming increasingly popular in the domestic setting as they facilitate an Alfresco lifestyle by allowing maximum entrance space. They are ideal for use with garden access spaces, swimming pool enclosures and conservatories to name but a few. Commercial applications of Bi-Fold doors are hugely favoured as they create an extremely impressive façade and are amazingly versatile. On warm days a complete bar, store or restaurant wall can be opened out and neatly concealed allowing the illusion of much larger premises. Hotel terraces are another favourite setting for Bi-Fold doors, allowing guests to wander in and out of their rooms and providing more space. Trade Window Services are delighted to offer a great range of Bi-Fold/Sliding-Folding doors in PVC or Aluminium in a selection of exquisite colours. For more information on these and our many other quality products call :-01702 557137