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Double Glazed UPVC Windows, Doors & Conservatories, Essex

Trade Window Services Ltd are major suppliers of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories to customers in the Southend, Leigh, Wickford, Rayleigh, Basildon and Chelmsford areas of Essex.

Aluminium Naturally Durable & Recyclable

Aluminium is one of the most long lasting and durable materials ever discovered and has a reputation for being extremely versatile. Aluminium has numerous uses within many areas of application such as the construction of buildings, manufacture of electronics and consumer items. It is lightweight and strong, making it an ideal element in the fabrication of aircraft for example. One of aluminium’s biggest strengths is its ability to be endlessly recycled giving it an edge in the race to develop greener products.

Aluminium – Abundant & Eco Friendly

Aluminium was first mined in the form of the mineral ‘Bauxite’ the third most abundant compound on earth. At the time of its discovery in 1857 Charles Dickens commented that he believed that this ‘new metal’ would have an outstanding future. Aluminium has the added bonus of being extracted near to the surface of the earth, preventing unnecessary environmental upheaval. The last 100 years has seen an escalation in aluminium’s popularity. Concern about global warming has prompted many to become more aware of their own personal impact upon the ecosystem. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to try to ensure that your home is energy efficient. Another helpful action in an effort to become more eco friendly is to recycle wherever possible. Aluminium meets all of these needs.

Aluminium Facts

It is estimated that 663 million tonnes of aluminium is in use globally creating an aluminium ‘bank’ with around 400 million tonnes of this contained within buildings. This aluminium stock is added to annually in the form of 40 million tonnes of freshly mined and 40 million tonnes of recycled aluminium. These stores have been termed ‘Urban Mines’ as the aluminium contents can be indefinitely recycled without any loss of quality or strength. This unique metal in all of its shapes constitutes around 120 to 200 KG per person.

Aluminium can be molded into many unusual designs for all sorts of applications. It is corrosive resistant and is easily coloured using a range of RAL or BS powder coatings for additional versatility. A common feature in the construction of schools, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, modern high rise flats and family homes, Aluminium as a commodity is here to stay.

Aluminium – Recycling Process

When re-processing or de-constructing aluminium during recycling superfluous elements such as hardware, screws, coatings and thermal breaks are easily separated for disposal. As the metal reaches melting point heavier substances sink to the bottom while lighter particles such as powder coatings float to the surface allowing the purified Aluminium to remain. Unwanted gasses are burnt off negating environmental pollution or contamination.

Aluminium Double Glazing – Slimline & Strong

Aluminium when used in the manufacture of double glazing profiles provides an energy efficient answer to the question of insulating your home by preventing the escape of heat by conductivity.

Aluminium double glazing is also slimline while retaining its inherent strength, so is perfect in a number of applications where design is an issue. One criticism of UPVC window profiles is that they are sometimes quite bulky. For offices, schools and many other commercial double glazing applications, aluminium is preferred for this reason. Secondary double glazing also takes advantage of this unobtrusive design feature.

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