What is the difference between an Orangery or Conservatory?

Trade Window Services Ltd has established an excellent name throughout Essex and in the surrounding areas for building high quality conservatories and orangeries. Our reputation is based on on excellent workmanship, always using the best materials, superb customer services and highly competitive prices.

One question we are asked on a regular basis is what is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

There are three ways of answering this.

Historically. Orangeries were introduced to the UK during the 17th century to grow Mediterranean citrus fruits in the cooler British climate. They were often built with a southern aspect to ensure warmer temperatures. Conservatories were originally designed to protect (conserve) herbs and pot plants over the winter months.

Architecturally. Although orangeries and conservatories – as terms – have become largely interchangeable over the years there still a difference in building style. Orangeries are usually more integrated into the existing structure of the home. There is often more brickwork in an orangery than a conservatory making it look more like a traditional extension although the distinctive glass roof clearly sets the orangery apart.

In Practice. Perhaps because of the more substantial build quality of traditional orangeries, the orangery is generally seen as an additional internal room – with multiple uses – while the conservatory with it’s large glass windows extends the home into the garden.

With Trade Windows Services, whether you opt for a conservatory or an orangery is very much your choice. At Trade Window Services we design and build orangeries and conservatories to your exact specifications. You can be assured that Trade Windows Services uses the most thermally effective  double glazed windows and all of our orangeries and conservatories are built with energy efficiency firmly in mind.

Essex-based Trade Window Services now have a new range of Global Orangeries. Global Orangeries have been specifically designed for attractiveness, practicality and ease of construction. Still using the best materials and finished to an exacting standard, Global Orangeries offer space, warmth and luxury at an amazing price.

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