The Importance of Using a Reputable Double Glazing Company

Not many people realise that one fifth of the heat in your home is lost through its windows, and that British homes have just as much impact on global warming, as fuel-burning vehicles like cars, vans, trucks and buses. A window with single glazing is inadequate when it comes to heat conservation and double glazing should be considered wherever possible. By sandwiching a thin layer of insulating air or argon gas between two panes of glass double glazing keeps cold air out and hot air in. This is extremely effective at helping to save the environment and reducing the carbon footprint while keeping fuel bills significantly low. It is possible for the average home to save approx 1.5 tonnes of CO2 a year providing increased energy efficiency. Double glazing has the additional advantage of acting as a sound barrier blocking outside noise from penetrating through the windows.

When choosing companies to install double glazed windows care should be taken to ensure a satisfactory end result. Companies considered should be FENSA registered. The Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme was set up to regulate installers of double glazing in order to comply with strict government standards. It is wise to ensure that the double glazing business in mind carries products certified by the Energy Saving Trust [EST] and the British Fenestration Rating Council [BFRC]. Ratings are set from A to C to reflect the energy efficiency of a product with A ratings being the most efficient. Home owners can also benefit from checking testimonials and reviews from past customers who have dealt with that company. Trade Window Services are FENSA registered and offer a comprehensive service including double glazing installation, Aluminium double glazing, multi fold doors, conservatories,orangeries and verandas. We have customer testimonials and lots of interesting information on our website. Call us on : 01702 557137