The Changing Face of the Motor Industry

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car blogThere has been a concerted effort in recent years to put into place measures which will contribute towards a reduction in greenhouse gases. The motor industry has been extremely active in this area, as vehicles are a major source of carbon emissions. One of the alternatives looked at is the development of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles [FCEV], which came out favorably in a recent study. This Government-industry study, was commissioned to evaluate the benefits of FCEV, and at what stage the UK is in with regards to its commercial introduction. The interim report has forecast that over 1.5 million hydrogen powered vehicles could be on our roads by 2030.

It is predicted by the UKH2Mobility project, who produced the study, that as these vehicle models begin to appear more frequently on the market, people will consider them a viable option. Fuel network arrangements must mature also, and prices are expected to be competitive. There is a real possibility once production escalates and costs reduce, of the figure approaching 1.6 million by 2030. As vehicle sales grow at a rate of approximately 300,000, so fueling facilities will increase to reflect this.

Based on these figures, it is hoped that the total annual UK CO2 emissions could be reduced by three million tonnes by 2030. If diesel vehicles were replaced with FCEVs, it may also be possible by 2050, to save between £100 million and £200 million yearly in the cost of damage to air quality caused by vehicle emissions.

It is thought likely that by using a variety of manufacturing methods, the cost of hydrogen can compete with diesel, giving 60% lower emissions by 2020 and 75% by 2030. This leads to the exciting vision of zero emissions by the year 2050, and giving FCEVs a market share of 30 to 50 percent.

Many sectors of the motor industry are concerned about lowering vehicle emissions, including car hire companies like Allied Self Drive Hire, Chelmsford. This company ensure that their fleet of hire vehicles are produced to the highest standards, using innovative technology with carbon emission reduction in mind. With expertly maintained hire vehicles, most of which are only months old, Allied Chelmsford stand out as an environmentally aware company who keep rates attractively low.

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