Secondary Double Glazing – Insulation & Noise Reduction

Trade Window Services Ltd are the acknowledged experts in the supply and installation of double glazed windows and doors in Essex and the surrounding areas.

Double glazing has been around for many years and offers many advantages over standard single glazed windows. Double glazing is energy efficient, offers outstanding insulation, reduces the carbon footprint and significantly reduces noise levels in the home or the workplace. Breakthroughs in technology and design of double glazed units and window frames mean modern double glazing has never been more effective in reducing heating bills and protecting the environment.

But for all the advantages, there are some buildings where double glazing is not an option. Conservation and planning regulations prevent double glazing from being installed in certain historic and listed buildings. For some businesses and homes, price can be a factor and although double glazing pays for itself over time, the upfront costs can be restrictive.

There is an alternative.

Secondary glazing can often be fitted in listed buildings without requiring permission for structural alterations. Secondary glazing is more affordable than double glazing. Secondary glazing is usually easier to fit and causes minimal disruption. Secondary double glazed units are fitted without disturbing  the existing window frames and glass panels. Secondary glazing can be made to measure for unusual window openings and spaces.

Secondary glazing significantly improves insulation and reduces fuel bills. Secondary glazing eliminates drafts. Good quality secondary glazing fitted by Trade Window Services can be easily opened to give access to the original windows as desired.

Secondary glazing is often more effective in reducing noise levels than conventional double glazing. While conventional gas-filled double glazing units offer exceptional thermal insulation properties, the greater air gap between glass panels in secondary glazing is often more effective in lowering noise levels.

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Secondary Double Glazing – Insulation & Noise Reduction