Secondary Double Glazing – a Very Economic Alternative

Whether its the weather or the current financial position the climate is at the forefront of most peoples minds at the moment. The seasonal chill is creeping in and heating is having to be turned up, which is a worry to many people keeping an eye on the purse strings. As the economy continues to struggle, ensuring that the home is energy efficient is an important way of keeping bills in check.

If the windows in your home are letting warm air out and noise in, double or triple glazing is the obvious solution. Where this is not economically or aesthetically viable the ideal alternative is secondary double glazing which can save around £60 per year on heating costs. One fifth of the homes heat is lost through its windows, not only costing money but increasing the carbon footprint. It is also a fact that 14 times more heat is lost through a single glazed window than the same area of insulated wall. A gap of at least 10mm between the original window pane and the secondary glazing will screen out noise too.

Secondary double glazing comes in a varied range of designs, window styles and colours making it hugely versatile. Popularly used in offices and public buildings due to its ability to significantly cut down on traffic noise, secondary double glazing is also used in properties that are close to airports etc.

Secondary double glazing will often be found in grade one and two listed buildings where the original windows need to be preserved. Areas like Southend, Leigh on Sea and Braintree in Essex have strong conservation programmes making local councils reluctant to sanction the installation of double glazing on certain properties. Secondary double glazing is often preferable in these cases.

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