Excellence in Coloured Frames

Coloured UPVC & Aluminium Double Glazed Window and Door Frames, Southend,  Essex

When you hear ‘UPVC window frames’, your will more often than not picture them in white, nothing wrong with that. But there are lots more options available nowadays that deliver high performance, energy efficient and low maintenance glazing solutions with added ‘wow’ factor. Coloured UPVC or aluminium frames bring their own unique qualities to your home or business, whether it’s for a stunning contemporary property or an older listed building.

Many parts of London and Essex have conservation status where any intended modifications to buildings have to meet strict criteria. This is in order to retain the character of these areas and maintain the delicate balance. Styles must be adhered to, and a major feature here is the original windows and frames, which were frequently coloured black or grey. Coloured frames can provide that smart edge to any home with colours like Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany, Mango, Walnut, Brown, Black and Cream. In fact you have probably mistaken UPVC wood finish frames for the real thing. UPVC woodgrain is not only classically attractive, but is low maintenance, affordable and delivers optimum energy efficiency.

There has been a considerable rise in the use of aluminium window systems for domestic applications, which were once predominantly found in the commercial sector. Advances in design, and the exceptional versatility of this material have contributed to its epic rise in popularity. Colour choices and finishes for these window systems are numerous and the inherent strength of aluminium means a tailored outcome, perfect for your needs.

If you are considering UPVC or aluminium coloured window frames, think long term, so that the choice you make will not look dated after ten years. If you have a period property, go for an authentic look to compliment your home. It’s also important that if you want coloured frames inside the home, to make sure that they will go with existing décor. Also think about if they will fit in well with future changes of interior colour schemes.

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