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image by Bill Jacobus

The importance of using high quality access equipment when working on any kind of project is paramount whether professional or amateur. Equipment and machinery which ensures that any job is trouble free, and more importantly, safely performed is essential. If you are working within the building or glazing trade, it’s a given that you will need secure and reliable platforms which can reach various heights.

Traditionally ladders and scaffolding have long fulfilled the need for access to certain areas, but they come with their own set of problems. Ladders can be unstable, and are only suitable to be used by one person at a time. Also you need both hands to ascend and descend a ladder, tricky if you need to carry tools, paint, boxes etc. Scaffolding also comes with a selection of issues, such as the sheer size of the structure, so that a simple job is transformed into a time consuming and complicated affair. As well as extending the time to complete the job, it can also make the project more costly. Many professionals prefer to use versatile powered access equipment, that can help get a job done in half the time.

When it comes to powered access, scissor lifts and boom lifts, provide a number of functions, bringing solutions to some of the age old access issues. Expertly designed to provide several roles they can elevate one or more worker, along with tools, equipment and supplies. The lifts comprise of a platform atop criss crossing scissor like supports, which can be adjusted to a wide range of heights using mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic power. Scissor lifts are also available in a variety of sizes and specifications, meaning you are highly likely to find the exact one for your job.

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