Beautifully Functional Conservatory Flooring

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The role of conservatories has changed over the years. Where once they were used predominantly as a bright, sunny place to sit and read, or tend exotic plants, they have now come into their own and offer a wide variety of uses for all the family. Conservatories function these days as dining rooms, playrooms, entertainment spaces and family rooms.

Of course this leaves lots of room for ideas on how to decorate your conservatory, and whether to merge it’s look with the rest of the home, or keep it separate.


Extremely popular for most rooms, laminate gives the impression of real wood, while being a little more versatile. Available in a mind boggling array of designs, finishes and shades, laminate is hard wearing, relatively inexpensive and quick to install. It can also be stain and UV resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for this type of application.


Tough and warm, cork is pretty comfortable underfoot also, due to it’s springy nature. This makes it an ideal option for playrooms, and sealing will protect the surface from moisture too.

Vinyl & LVT

For a low maintenance, easily cleaned choice, high quality vinyl gives an amazingly resilient floor, and comes in a vast amount of designs and colours. Vinyl can experience some fading in extreme and intense sunlight, so check with your supplier.


While being warm and soft, carpet is may not be the best choice for heavy foot traffic areas traipsing in and out of the garden. Some types of carpet however are exceptionally hard wearing and practical, even where there are pets.


Stone or ceramic tiles are long lasting, and simple to keep dirt free, with choices including granite, sandstone, limestone, marble and slate. Some of these materials can be damaged by water, so require sealing, they may also chip or mark so maintenance and care have to be ongoing.

For a wide choice of functional and attractive conservatory flooring, check out Wood Street Carpets. You will find sound advice and a great range of laminate, carpets and vinyls to choose from, just call 01245 358900.

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