5 Checks when Choosing a Double Glazing Installer

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If you are looking for a reputable double glazing installer, there are a few investigations that you can do to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

5. Local Suppliers

It is a good idea to use a local company, who will be experienced in the type of product you need and are available and close to hand. A good way to find a local, reliable company for your windows and doors is to search online. Simply search on your mobile or pc using a description of your project along with your location and this should give a range of options in your area.

4. Product Specification

Whether its windows or doors you require, it pays to discover exactly what is being offered. For instance, when it comes to energy efficiency, some companies will advertise ‘A’ rated windows. Often, these ratings are specific to the individual company and not the government approved BFRC ratings. So sometimes you think you are buying ‘A’ rated windows when in fact they are really ‘B’ rated.


3. Guarantees and Testimonials

Find out what sort of guarantee they offer and what their after sales service is like. Customer testimonials and reviews are also helpful, but bear in mind can sometimes be fake. If they have a Facebook page you will get additional info and see what sort of things are being posted.

2. Check the Website

Look for evidence that the double glazing contractors you are considering are approved by bodies such as FENSA, the Consumer Protection Association [CPA] and Trusted Traders. This information will usually be highly visible on any website, or the company name can be searched on the websites of these organisations to confirm.

1. Shop Around

The number one thing you are advised to do when choosing a double glazing company, [or indeed any company] is to shop around! Check and double check until you feel confident and happy to proceed. Word of mouth is always a wise way to go when deciding on who will do your work. Chatting to friends, relatives and neighbours will throw up names of reliable companies, and perhaps also those you need to steer clear of. After all, why would you allow just anyone to carry out work on your precious home? At Trade Window Services Ltd we know what customers want and are delighted to give outstanding levels of service.

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